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EquipNet is a global leader of surplus asset management solutions. We’re recognized for our proprietary asset management platform, our revolutionary industrial equipment marketplace, and our results-driven project management services. Our clients span across multiple industries and range in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 multi-national corporations and leading regional manufacturers. EquipNet solutions deliver maximized financial return while improving our client’s corporate image, adhering to their safety standards, and contributing to their sustainability initiatives.

Our Vision台台台湾佬中文娱乐网22

To revolutionize the way companies manage their surplus assets.

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To create Raving Fans with everything we do.

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Taken individually, our services help customers meet various independent challenges such as having assets that they can no longer use, or needing to buy equipment quickly and economically. When combined, however, our services seamlessly unite to provide a comprehensive surplus asset management program.


EquipNet’s expert Appraisal and Valuations team will help with asset inventory for tax purposes, facility closures, mergers and acquisitions.

EquipNet's Asset Redeployment Management System allows clients to proactively identify, track, redeploy, and sell inactive machinery.


EquipNet is the world leading auctioneer for lab instrumentation and manufacturing equipment. We provide global online auctions, live auctions, and sealed bid auctions.

Computer Equipment Value Recovery台湾佬中文娱乐网中文字幕

Secure yesterday’s data while protecting tomorrow’s environment when dealing with surplus computers, servers, laptops, phones, and other technology assets.

Global Consignment台湾佬中文娱乐网更二

EquipNet Consignment Services ensure that your industrial machinery and instrumentation are organized, secure and showcased in one of our global facilities.

Lab Relocation Management台湾佬中文娱乐节目

Our knowledgeable staff can handle every aspect of your laboratory relocation, providing the fastest, most cost-efficient relocation service available.

Own It Now台湾佬中文娱乐在线

Own It Now allows users to purchase equipment with the click of a button. As the time ticks down, so does the price.

Proactive Asset Sales台湾佬中文娱乐网色色

EquipNet's MarketPlace is the world's largest online venue for surplus process, packaging, laboratory, and analytical equipment.


EquipNet has designed our Procurement Program to allow companies to benefit from 25% to 75% savings off the cost of new lab instrumentation and production equipment.

Project Management台湾佬中文娱乐网在线了看

EquipNet’s Project Managers, work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve goals and deadlines before, during and after a project's lifespan.

Site Closure Management台湾佬中文娱乐22工

EquipNet helps global manufacturers manage and sell the surplus equipment left over from a facility closure allowing you to recoup a significant portion of your investment.

Worldwide Logistics 台湾佬中文娱乐鲁

EquipNet Worldwide Logistics can protect expensive equipment, reduce shipping costs, and allow your company to focus on its core competencies.

Let's Partner!台湾佬中文娱乐最新

Do you operate in our space? EquipNet wants to work with you to develop business opportunities. We're interested in partnering with companies on an enterprise level, or simply pursuing an individual opportunistic acquisition of equipment or real estate. It all starts with a conversation. So let's have a friendly talk!

Our Sustainability Initiative台湾佬中文娱乐老虎直播

Environmental Recycling台湾台湾佬中文娱乐网

Eco-friendly and secure recycling program that complies with local and federal EPA guidelines.

Landfill Avoidance台湾佬中文娱乐大香蕉

Decrease landfill waste and increase savings by redeploying assets internally and selling unneeded assets.

Case Studies 天天she台湾佬中文娱乐

Biotech/Pharmaceutical Facility Closure: Massachusetts台湾光头佬中文娱乐

One of our previous project clients recommended our services to Synta Pharmaceuticals to help with closing a facility consisting of three different buildings. The entire facility needed full clearance and contained an array of over 400 pieces of R&D equipment.

Surplus Food Manufacturing Equipment: Mexico台湾佬中文娱乐网址

The client had a number of lower value assets along with a couple of higher value items that were surplus to its ongoing operations. The company did not have any strict deadline, but was looking for complete sell-through and to maximize its return. 

Perfume & Personal Care Facility Closure: New Jersey台湾佬中文娱乐男人

The client contacted EquipNet requesting asset management services for a complete site closure at its facility in New Jersey. The facility was converting from a manufacturing plant to a distribution center and required clearance within six months.